We know that major lifestyle changes can occur successfully with a partner and within a group support structure - e.g. groups to increase exercise, improve stress management, and eliminate addictions to drugs, food and gambling. African American women often have very strong friendships and usually function well inside both family and social groups. Therefore, a potentially effective intervention is for women to make lifestyle changes with Prime Time Sisters and within Prime Time Sister Circles®(PTSC).

The PTSC is designed to be a culture, gender and age specific, curriculum-based, 12 week,facilitated, interactive support group intervention for African American women between 40-75 years of age. The Circles meet for 2 hours a week in community based settings e.g. churches; libraries; community and health  centers.

 Its primary goals are to:

  • Empower women to make health their first priority;
  • Motivate women to improve their health outcomes and reduce obesity and chronic illnesses by increasing knowledge, improving attitudes, and changing behaviors in the targeted risk factor areas of:  unmanaged stress; poor nutrition; sedentary behavior; and failure to prioritize their health;  
  • Reduce risk factors for obesity and chronic illness through a holistic approach to change and prevention;
  • Provide the necessary skills and tools through weekly sessions using the GPHIC designed curriculum; facilitators and experts; and daily use of a log for behavior journaling to enable women to replace habits of disease with habits of health;
  • Provide individualized plans to live daily lives of primary and secondary prevention;
  • To assist women with no medical home to find and enter into ongoing health care.
  • Develop a cadre of women facilitators/ community health leaders to institutionalize a health movement in their communities;
  • Provide long term follow-up through a web-based alumnae association to help women maintain and sustain the health promoting knowledge, attitudes and behaviors gained during the short term weekly group sessions;
  • Continue to document the results of the intervention in journals(JNMA,2007) and presentation.
  • Three (3) experts are utilized for stress management, nutrition and fitness to teach the skills and tools needed to live healthier lives.
  • The development of the National Training Institute;
  • Through the publication and distribution of the book, Prime Time: The African American Woman’s Complete Guide to Midlife Health and Wellness .


If you are interested in starting and/ or joining Prime Time Sister Circle® please contact us and we will assist you in developing a program.


Prime Time Sister Circles®
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We need to feel the cheer and
inspiration of meeting each other,
we need to gain the courage
and fresh life that comes from
the mingling of congenial souls,
of those working for the same ends.

Next, we need to talk over
not only those things which are of vital importance to us as women, but also
the things that are of special interest
to us as colored women.

Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin


Opening song "Golden" by Jill Scott

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